Junior School

Junior School

IMG_0753xWhen you visit Nowra Anglican College’s Junior School you will discover a wonderful learning environment where students are happy, confident and engaged in their learning. You will see a close knit and dedicated staff who genuinely care for their students.

Quality teaching and learning are the hallmarks of the Nowra Anglican College Junior School. Our students are provided with the best opportunities to achieve excellence and to develop a love of learning. Our differentiated lessons and programs provide experiences which challenge learners at their different levels of development.

Assessment of student understandings and skills prior to teaching allows appropriate adjustments to be made to ensure all learners begin their learning experiences at a suitable level. Assessment provides students with valuable feedback about their own progress. Fundamental to learning in the Junior School is the establishment of strong literacy and numeracy skills. A significant part of each day is devoted to English and Mathematics.

IMG_0594Students apply their core literacy and numeracy skills in topics which stimulate their minds and engage their thinking. Our integrated curriculum, crossing traditional subject boundaries, is based on an inquiry approach. From Kindergarten to Year 6 children grow to become critical thinkers, exploring problems together, expressing views, modifying ideas and sharing their understandings.

The use of technology is integral to our learning program. The latest computers are networked and have internet access while interactive whiteboards in every classroom ensure that students experience the latest in cutting edge technology.

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