Pre-school Fees


Per Day

Gross Family Income

(per annum)

Level 1


< $20,000

Level 2


$20,001 – $27,000

Level 3


$27,001 – $40,794

Level 4


> $40,795

Extended Hours

8.00am-4.00pm (or part thereof)


If you are unsure as to which level applies to you please contact the Preschool Director

Occasional days

Fee charged is the same as normal fee level per day

Occasional Extended Hours


Late fee
(before 9am and after 3pm)


Late fee after 4pm

$10 + $1 every minute after 4:10pm

Application Fee

$80 (one-off)

Maintenance Fee

$22 per term

Maintenance charges

Maintenance charges cover expenses such as photocopying, transport and building maintenance.

Application fee and enrolment deposit

An Application fee of $80 per student is payable when the Application for enrolment is lodged. The Application fee is non-refundable, includes GST and carries over for K-12 enrolment at the College.

The enrolment deposit consists of an application fee, term maintenance fee and two weeks fees (in accordance with number of days enrolled).

Payment of Pre-school fees and charges

Pre-school fees and charges are due and payable in advance on or before the first day of the term to which they relate. There are options available for payment of preschool fees and charges:

  1. Full payment by cheque at the commencement of each term;
  2. Payment by BPAY® (including debit or credit card link to bank account);
  3. Payment of the entire year’s preschool fees and charges at the commencement of the year.

Where circumstances arise that may prevent timely settlement, contact should be made with the Preschool Director as it may be possible to make alternative payment arrangements.  Preschool fees and charges not paid by the end of term, or that are not the subject of an approved arrangement, may lead to the exclusion of the child from the following term.

Student withdrawal

Two weeks’ notice in writing to the Director is required if a child is to be withdrawn. If adequate notice is not given then a charge equal to two weeks of preschool fees will be payable.

Fee relief is available for families with a combined Gross Income below $40,794 per annum. To claim a subsidy please complete an “Affordability” form, provide proof of income and include your health care card. It is a legal requirement to provide proof of income each year a subsidy is requested.

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