Senior School

Community & Industry

Nowra Anglican College recognises the importance of developing strong community links, the development of collaborative partnerships with business, community groups and training organisations creates a learning environment that is relevant and engaging and increases student’s connections within the local community.

The partnerships are broad and diverse and extend across all curriculum areas ranging from guest speakers in the classroom to industry visits. The College values the importance of partnerships and the benefits they provide to students at the College: create opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, create opportunities to bring expertise into the classroom, make classroom learning more meaningful to students by connecting learning to real life applications, cater for different learning styles and broaden and deepen learning experiences.

Partnerships are integral in providing students with the necessary links to the community to assist in their transition from school to further education, training and or the workplace. The College has connections with Universities and training organisations to assist students with their career development.  Connections with the local council, business chamber, Department of Defence and Professional Industry bodies are pivotal in providing students with hands-on, experiential learning to make stronger linkages between education and employment.

The College encourages students to be part of the community, to serve others and to make a difference; this is a core value of the College

( Compassion to Give). Partnerships with IRT, Shoalhaven Youth Volunteering Initiative and organisations through student’s participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme support the student’s to be part of the community.

Nowra Anglican College