Senior School

Subject Selection Guides

Choosing what subjects you take in Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 is an important step in managing your career, particularly if you are in Year 11 as the choices you make may determine which courses you can experience.

Subject Choice Tips:

1.     Check out career implications – will you keep your options open?
2.     Think about your abilities – can you do well in these subjects?
3.     Think about your interest levels – will you have the motivation?
4.     Weigh up any differences between interests, abilities and career ideas
5.     Talk it over with people you know well

The ABC Subject Selection Checklist

  • When you have made your choices, follow this simple checklist:
  • Ability and Attitude – Are you able and will you be interested?
  • Balance – Will you have a range of options open for future career ideas?
  • Choice – Are they your own decisions or have you been influenced by others?

The following websites will also assist with subject selection:




NAC Subject Selection Handbook

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