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Academic Excellence

_D3A3364Nowra Anglican College has a history of high academic achievement with students consistently gaining excellent results in each year. Our teachers inspire their students through the passion they have for their subject areas. They give generously of their time, not only in the classroom but also through extra-curricular activities allowing them to develop positive relationships with students.

We understand that not all children can be top of the class, however our core purpose is to help our pupils realise their full potential. Our teachers deliver differentiated learning programs that supports individual learning styles and is in line with ‘best practice’.  With outstanding teaching, in an exciting and challenging environment, the students love to learn and they succeed academically, with most entering their first choice for post-secondary studies.

Our ability to help students achieve their very best is reflected by the measure of ‘value-added’. ‘Value added’ indicates how well a school has developed pupils from one bench mark testing to another, measuring how much they have improved, whatever their ability. It gives a far better indication of a school’s overall effectiveness than traditional attainment measures.

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HSC 2016

NowraAngColl-T-Year Levels 7-12, Year 12^2(1)Class of 2016 – Outstanding HSC Results

The NAC community can be delighted by the achievements of the Class of 2016. Our Year 12 cohort has achieved outstanding results in their examinations, gaining the greatest number of Band 5 and 6 results in the history of the College.

Band 6 results have been awarded in a wide range of subjects. Of particular note are the achievements of our students in Biology, Business Studies, Drama, English Extension 2, Legal Studies, Modern History, PDHPE, Society and Culture and Visual Arts. These subjects warrant special mention in terms of their results being at least 20 percentage points higher than the State average for the achievement of Bands 5 and 6.

The following table highlights the achievements of our students attaining results in Bands 5 and 6 compared to the State.


% NAC Top Two Bands

%NSW Top Two Bands

Ancient History 33% 30%
Biology 39% 35%
Business Studies 55% 34%
Drama 83% 42%
English Ext 1 100% 94%
English Ext 2 100% 79%
Legal Studies 67% 42%
Modern History 79% 41%
History Extension 1 100% 81%
PDHPE 73% 34%
Society and Culture 71% 48%
Visual Art 100% 54%
Primary Industries 100% 20%

IMGS1600Of the 9 000 or so students who submitted Bodies of Work for the HSC Visual Arts Examination, Logan Morthorpe was nominated and selected for ARTEXPRESS for his intuitive and creative artwork.

Looking at the broad picture, we find the results are strong. 2016 has again seen a significant increase in ATAR points with 36% of our cohort achieving a mark over 80. For Extension subjects 92% of our students’ results were in the top two bands.

Further mention must be made of our outstanding Visual Arts and Extension 1 History results. Every student in these classes gained a Band 6 or 5, a result well above the state average and this reflects positively on the efforts of these students and their teachers.

We continue to focus on all students achieving their absolute best and raising academic standards for the entire cohort. The programs and changes that have been implemented in both the pastoral and academic streams of the College have proven to be successful in bringing about this improvement.

Our Collegians consistently talk about connectedness with their teachers in the College, the sense of community that is created and how this relationship has helped them to succeed in their schooling.

The HSC Class of 2016 has done itself, and the College, proud. The results are well-deserved and are a testament of the students’ hard work and focus, the quality of the staff who guided them and the families who have supported and encouraged. We send our students out into the next chapter of their lives knowing they have great foundations for success in life.


naplanNAPLAN Results 2013

The NAPLAN Report provides information about a child’s achievement in the domains of Reading, Persuasive Writing, Language Conventions (including Spelling and Grammar & Punctuation) and Numeracy (tested in two strands: Data, Measurement, Space & Geometry and Number, Patterns & Algebra).

The test results are given in skill bands that indicate levels of achievement. Please note that the six bands used for reporting student achievement for each of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are part of one continuous scale (ranging from 1 to 10) that spans all four Year levels. The common scale is intended to provide an indication of progress as your child completes NAPLAN in successive years.

The report also provides information on how each student has performed in relation to other students in his or her Year Group. This is indicated through comparison with the School and State averages for each domain.

Our NAPLAN results for 2013 were encouraging. Reading results in Junior School continue as strength, with our students performing well above the state average. Of significant note was the performance of the boys in those two Year groups. At a time when boys tend to be performing a little below the state average, our boys in Years 3 and 5 were well above the state average. Similar pleasing results were gained in writing. Numeracy results for our Year 3 students was also very pleasing, with our girls well above state average. In fact girls around NSW were generally below the overall average, so our girls should be proud of their efforts. Our Year 5 boys also gained pleasing results, performing well above the state average.

In the Senior School our Year 7 boys were also performing above the state average for Year 7 students in numeracy, while our girls showed they were a match for girls from all over the state, as were our Year 9 boys. Our Year 9 girls acquitted themselves well, showing that they are well ahead of state averages for all students. Our Year 7 students also performed well in reading and writing in the NAPLAN tests. The girls were well above the state average in writing, and our boys were clearly performing better than other boys around the state. The reading levels of our Year 7 students also showed that they were above state average, with our girls again well above the state average. Our Year 9 students showed similar results, with both boys and girls outperforming their peers in reading and writing around the state, and the girls well above the state average.


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