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The College Council meets regularly and works closely with the Principal in ensuring that the aims and vision of the College are translated into practical realities. It oversees the areas of strategic development, financial leadership and management, including provision of facilities and resources, and risk management and compliance.

College Council


Mr Bill Shields

Chair Finance Committee

Mr Tim Johnston

Corporation Service Team Leader

Mr Michael Newman

Council Members

Rev Raymond Goldman
Rev Geoff Thompson
Rev Andrew Paterson
Mrs Katrina Eyland

Annual Reports

The following Annual Reports are available in PDF format.

NAC Annual Report 2017 NAC Annual Report 2017 (651 KB)

NAC Annual Report 2016 NAC Annual Report 2016 (1664 KB)

NAC Annual Report 2015 NAC Annual Report 2015 (1342 KB)

NAC Annual Report 2014 NAC Annual Report 2014 (1409 KB)

NAC Annual Report 2013 NAC Annual Report 2013 (3893 KB)