About Nowra Anglican College

Mission, Vision, Values

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Respect | Compassion| Wisdom

We are a respectful community grounded in Christ’s compassion learning to live with wisdom

Knowing your Values is not soft, it is when things are hardest that you will go to your values for guidance.” Dr Megan Clark, CSIRO



To be a community of learners living and serving in Christ’s world

  • We are learners and learning is important
  • We are a community and therefore relationship is vital
  • We are Christian
  • What we are learning is for now and the future
  • What we are learning is not just for our own personal benefit but to equip us to serve others.



To provide a high quality Christian education within a welcoming community where all individuals are valued and belong. As a community of learners we strive for excellence, unlocking the potential of each individual, developing confident, active learners who improve their world.


Nowra Anglican College