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Building resilient learners - blog post image

Building resilient learners

Finding learning difficult is part and parcel of learning. Indeed when learning is not challenging, it becomes a case of ...

Greetings from Italy - blog post image

Greetings from Italy

I have just completed the first leg of my sabbatical and have spent a week in Italy at the Reggio Emilia annual internati...

Christchurch: How do we respond? - blog post image

Christchurch: How do we respond?

I am sure, that like me, many of you have been dismayed and horrified by the incident in Christchurch, New Zealand. The a...

Essay Writing Fundamentals - blog post image

Essay Writing Fundamentals

At a recent Essay Writing seminar we explored the fundamentals of essay writing. Thanks to all the parents, carers and st...

What Do You Do With An Idea? - blog post image

What Do You Do With An Idea?

Our Coordinator of Information Service shared this great learning resource with our teachers early this term. “What do yo...

Leadership: More than a name or a badge  - blog post image

Leadership: More than a name or a badge

We are thrilled to have inducted students who are in formal leadership roles at the College. I extend my congratulations ...

Raising tweens in today's world - blog post image

Raising tweens in today's world

Aged between nine and thirteen, tweens are not quite a teenager and not a child anymore. Your once adorable, cuddly littl...

The Power of Compliments - blog post image

The Power of Compliments

No doubt you would have heard of ‘bucket fillers’? You know, when you compliment somebody. Their ‘bucke...

Technology in the Classroom - blog post image

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is everywhere. Almost everything that we do in daily life – paying bills, making bookings, ordering thin...

Don't Stop the Music - blog post image

Don't Stop the Music

You might have seen ‘Don’t Stop the Music’, a three-part documentary series which aired recently on ABC TV. In it, musica...

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