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Why choose a NAC education?

Why choose a NAC education?

In the time of COVID19 why choose a NAC education? I can assure you that the benefits of a NAC education are worth it. We will always be fully focussed and capable of providing for the development of your child.

If you have been following my newsletter articles or listened to me speak, you will have heard me highlight the importance of a wide range of rich educational experiences to help our students develop into well-rounded individuals. Perhaps my message has been too successful as some parents are questioning why they should pay school fees when their children are not able to play sport or participate in the many extra-curricular experiences normally offered at NAC.

The School Council has removed the Term 2 Service Fee for all students and has taken the path of providing financial assistance for those families who have been impacted by job loss and reduced income. However, I am still fielding questions about why families should continue to pay school fees.

I am still of the opinion that our children benefit from a wide range of experiences. However, at this point in time, all of us are restricted from participating in our normal activities. So why should you pay fees at NAC?

Our mission is to provide a high-quality Christian education within a welcoming community where all individuals are valued and belong. As a community of learners, we strive for excellence, unlocking the potential of each individual, developing confident, active learners who improve their world.

Our educational foundation is based on our Christian values and heritage. That will not change. The decisions that we make will be guided by our Vision, Mission, and Values. Our Christian values are evident in both word and action. What we build on this foundation is what I would like to focus on.

The building blocks of a NAC education do include our sporting experiences, the cultural and performing arts, leadership and service, and outdoor education. When all is said and done, however, the most important building block in a NAC education is what happens day by day in each and every class.

Two key ingredients

  1. Excellent and innovative teaching practices that engage, inspire and support success for every child
  2. Relationship and connection


Nowra Anglican College is unapologetic in its desire to offer each student the very best education possible. Our school is a wonderful place to be. Our dedicated and talented staff focus on developing students who are well-rounded, positive, and resilient individuals. Every day there is a focus on literacy and numeracy in every subject and classroom. However, we go beyond. We teach our children to understand how they learn. Our Building Learning Power approach teaches our children the skills underpinning the development of resilience, being resourceful and reflective, and how to relate to others, attributes that are so vital during this pandemic.

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”
Sydney J. Harris

One ingredient of supporting success for our students is all staff communicating positive expectations regarding student behaviour in our school. Numerous studies indicate that the expectations teachers have for students tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Each day at NAC our teachers communicate appropriately high behavioural and academic expectations for all students. All students are required to be respectful to every member of our community and this impacts positively on each child’s learning.


Secondly, every child is well known in our school community.At NAC we understand that we all want to feel cared for and valued by those around us. Teachers who foster positive relationships with their students create classroom environments more conducive to learning and meet students' developmental, emotional and academic needs.

Excellent teaching is not just about acquiring and disseminating knowledge. Great educators relate to their students and provide a supportive and safe environment in which a student is able to learn.

So in this uncertain and difficult time I can assure you that the benefits of a NAC education are worth it. We will always be fully focussed and capable of providing for the development of your child.

For those families who are continuing to experience financial difficulties, I encourage you to speak confidentially to either myself or the Business Manager, Mrs Leisa Ebdon.

Mrs. Lorrae Sampson, Principal

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