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EDGE Centre

Several years ago we set up The Enrichment Differentiated Gifted Education (EDGE) Centre as a prototype for the changing learning environment at NAC.

EDGE is a flexible learning space. When we put it together, we found that teachers and students interacted with each other and with the learning material in more innovative and creative ways.

We incorporated EDGE concepts into our new centres, buildings and teaching tools, always keeping innovative learning models at the forefront of what we do. Now the EDGE Centre is used for teachers to come together, demonstrate and model flexible thinking tools as they upskill and stay at the front and centre of evidence-based learning strategies.

Differentiated Education

Every child in a classroom is unique and have a different set of learning needs, capabilities and strengths. We call this the ‘umbrella of diverse learning’. Catering for the needs of individual students is an everyday activity for our classroom teachers, who monitor students needs and adjust activities and instruction styles to ensure every child has a rich learning experience.

At times some students require additional support or greater challenge at either end of the umbrella. The EDGE centre provides the support for differentiated instruction, both in the classroom, via one-on-one or small group learning support, or providing the extension for those students who need it.

Edge Classes

These provide further opportunities for students who are achieving above grade expectations, or have the capacity to do so. Selected students are able to work with like-minded peers, developing their thinking in an enquiry-based, concept-focused learning environment. Students from Year 5 to Year 10 may be invited to join Maths or English EDGE classes.