Junior School

Pastoral Care

IMG_0764Pastoral Care encompasses those aspects of a child’s schooling which have to do with the behavioural, emotional, psychological social and spiritual domains.  As a caring community, we seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment so that the students have the opportunity to flourish at our College.  Students are encouraged to be kind and caring towards others in the College community and to demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times.

These guidelines are taught during Personal Development and Christian Studies lessons.  Our Behaviour Support Guidelines are distributed to every family so that all members of our College community understand these principles and expectations.

We value parental support because it encourages our children to have a positive attitude towards the College and staff.  We ask parents and carers to reinforce the discipline measures taken at the College by:

  • IMG_0761Supporting our uniform and discipline policy
  • Discussing any concerns you may have with the staff rather than with your children
  • Ensuring your children attend school except in the case of genuine illness
  • Ensuring your children attend camps and other special days and/or activities
  • Taking opportunities where possible to attend Chapel and other special events to which parents are invited

If you have a welfare concern, the first point of contact in the Junior School is your child’s classroom teacher.

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