Junior School


IMG_0783A Distinctive Learning Environment

When you visit Nowra Anglican College’s Junior School you will discover a wonderful learning environment where students are happy, confident and engaged in their learning. You will see a close knit and dedicated staff who genuinely care for their students.

Quality teaching and learning are the hallmarks of the Nowra Anglican College Junior School. Our students are provided with the best opportunities to achieve excellence and to develop a love of learning. Our differentiated lessons and programs provide experiences which challenge learners at their different levels of development.

Assessment of student understandings and skills prior to teaching allows appropriate adjustments to be made to ensure all learners begin their learning experiences at a suitable level.  Assessment provides students with valuable feedback about their own progress.

Fundamental to learning in the Junior School is the establishment of strong literacy and numeracy skills. A significant part of each day is devoted to English and Mathematics.

P1100247Students apply their core literacy and numeracy skills in topics which stimulate their minds and engage their thinking. Our integrated curriculum, crossing traditional subject boundaries, is based on an inquiry approach. From Kindergarten to Year 6 children grow to become critical thinkers, exploring problems together, expressing views, modifying ideas and sharing their understandings.

The use of technology is integral to our learning program. The latest computers are networked and have internet access while interactive whiteboards in every classroom ensure that students experience the latest in cutting edge technology.

  • Christian Studies

Students are introduced to the Christian faith from a Biblical perspective. Each student takes part in weekly Christian Studies classes and Chapel. Chapel is an informal and interactive service to which parents and friends are welcome. Students sing, pray and listen to stories from the Bible.

  • Tarni SearleSport

Our sporting program is designed to achieve a high level of participation in a range of sports and to engender enthusiasm and enjoyment of physical activity from the youngest age. In Years K-2, class teachers focus on the development of specific skills and on team games.

In Years 3-6 students play a range of sports on a rotational basis including T-ball, cricket, soccer, volleyball, netball, gymnastics, tennis and dance.  Students who are successful at the school level in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country are selected to compete at regional and state competitions. Gala Days in soccer, netball, cricket and AFL allow students the chance to compete in teams against other schools.

A Differentiated Learning Environment

  • _MG_7141Enrichment Program

The Junior School’s Enrichment program is an innovative program, designed to engage our students deeply in their learning and to equip them to take their rightful place in the 21st century. Through explicit teaching of higher order skills students learn to be critical and creative thinkers who understand the value of questioning and reasoning in an increasingly demanding and complex world.

In their philosophy classes, students learn that there are many points of view on any subject. They understand the importance of deep reflection and listening to the views of others before arriving at their own conclusions. Our students learn how to confidently express and articulate their carefully considered ideas before an audience.

Catering for different learning styles, our da Vinci and Henry Lawson classes rigorously challenge and extend our students in the traditional disciplines of Mathematics and English. Problem solving is a central feature of these lessons.

In project-based learning classes, our students explore real life issues and grapple with intellectually challenging tasks. Using an inquiry approach, they explore open-ended questions. Throughout their learning, collaboration and team work are fundamental. Finally, our students delight in presenting their final work, in a creative demonstration of their skill, to an appreciative audience.

Our Enrichment Centre is a physically stimulating space with state-of-the-art furniture and cutting edge technology. Our students love learning and value the unique opportunities that are provided as an integral part of the Junior School curriculum.

In Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6) students have classes with Senior School teachers once a week in a range of disciplines including History, Science, Design and Technology. The purpose of the program is to give students a taste of secondary education and to excite them about learning experiences which lie ahead.


  • Learning Support

Additional support is provided by the learning support team for students identified as needing help in literacy or numeracy. They may be withdrawn from their class individually or in groups. Teachers’ aides work in the classrooms to assist students and to support their learning.

A Dynamic Learning Environment

At Nowra Anglican College we recognise the importance of a well-rounded curriculum.

  • Languages

Learning a language is acknowledged to enhance a learner’s understanding of and insight into their own language. Language learning enriches students’ cognitive development and broadens their cultural perspectives. At Nowra Anglican College French is taught from the very first year in Kindergarten.  Students learn French through using it to communicate e.g. in songs and games.

  • IMG_0315Music

The advantages of learning music are well-researched and thus, Music is an important part of our curriculum at Nowra Anglican College. Students attend classes each week in one of the music classrooms with our specialist teacher. Our large range of instruments ensures that children can participate actively in lessons. There is a strong focus on enjoyment. Our comprehensive program enables children to gain an appreciation of music from the youngest age.

Students are given the opportunity to learn an instrument through the peripatetic program and to join groups such as the Jazz Ensemble or the College Band. Students may also  join the choir.

  • 20140305_125154Excursions and camps

A range of excursions enrich students’ learning beyond the classroom. Year 3 students attend a day at camp to give them a taste of the camp experience and to help prepare them for their overnight adventure in the following year. From Year 4 onwards, students attend a three day camp at an Anglican Youthworks sites. The outdoor experience (including a Christian Discovery program) is run by teachers and qualified instructors and is designed to develop qualities of teamwork, confidence, resourcefulness and environmental awareness.

  • Co-curricular activities

Students are encouraged to participate in exciting activities at the College that develop special talents and interests. Activities include Public Speaking, Debating, Chess, Choir, Art.

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