Learning Centres

Learning Support

Nowra Anglican College employs a Senior School Learning Support Coordinator to oversee the provision of Learning Support programs and intervention to students in the Senior School who have been identified as requiring Learning Support.  A Teacher’s Aide is also employed.  Identification of Students with Special Needs occurs through:

  • Previous knowledge of students including past levels of support, assessments, class and exam results.
  • Ongoing referral process to identify new students through teacher and/or parent concerns expressed to the Learning Support Coordinator.  Newly identified students are assessed by the Learning Support Coordinator to determine the specific area of need.

Once identified:

  • For all students an individual support plan is discussed and developed to determine the level and type of support required.
  • For students with higher needs an individual support plan meeting is held with the student, their parents/caregivers and relevant school personnel to formulate a coordinated plan to meet individual student needs.
  • Students may be supported in class but may be withdrawn to provide assistance with assessment tasks or to provide specific instruction on a particular topic.
  • Students may be offered the support of a reader and / or writer for in class assessment tasks and exams.
  • Students in Years 10 and 12 can apply for Special Provisions for School Certificate and Higher School Certificate.
  • Based on need a student may be placed on a priority list for learning support.  Staff are kept informed of identified students through the production of a booklet listing the names of students in each year with a brief summary of their needs and suggestions for in class.  There are also regular discussions with teachers and Learning Support Staff.


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