To assist the children share their day and as a means to make the children’s learning visible, a visual presentation of photos taken throughout the day is uploaded to the smart boards each afternoon. These presentations give a visual snap shot of what has been happening in each of the learning areas.

These photos also provide visual prompts for the children and enable them to express themselves. Photos of their previous day (at pre-school) are displayed in the morning period on the smart board as a learning and conversation stimulus and prompts for them to revisit their experiences.

Educators maintain a comprehensive file on each child; these files include observations, jottings, photo observations, time samples and planning partnership forms, professional reports and learning summaries. This file is a tool for educators to plan for future learning experiences. Families are welcome to view these at any point in time.


Project Documentation

As part of their learning the children investigate topics of interest (this is often done during small workshops throughout the day). These investigations are often referred to as ‘projects’.

Projects begin with educators posing a question as a provocation for further investigation and thought. Provocations are based on the children’s interests, experiences and questions. Based on children’s responses, we introduce materials, questions, and opportunities that encourage children to further explore the topic. As a result, their thought processes, ideas, and the ways in which the group collaborate, develop as a topical project. These projects are documented through the use of photos, explanations and samples of work by both the children and the educators.

Curriculum planning and implementation revolve around open-ended and often long-term projects that are based on the reciprocal nature of educator-directed and child-initiated experience. All of the topics of interest are given by the children. Within the project approach, children are given opportunities to make connections between prior and new knowledge while engaging in authentic tasks.

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