Senior School

Pastoral Care

bullying no wayIn the Senior School all students are allocated to a Pastoral Care Group.  This is the first point of contact for any student well-being concerns. The Coordinator of Pastoral Care, Mrs Keturah Jones, oversees the Pastoral Care system.

The role of the Pastoral Care leader is to

·      Know Your Child

They will take a keen interest in not only their work at school but their interests, their family, their friends and their strengths and weaknesses. Their role is to encourage and support but also to ensure your child complies with the College’s expectations in regards to behaviour.  They are sensitive to shifts in mood, behaviour and appearance and provide a support for the student, parent and other teachers should their be concern.

  • Foster relationships

The leaders are keenly aware of the importance of a support structure.  They will foster relationships both between your child and themselves as well as with the other members of the pastoral care group.

  • Lead the Pastoral Care program

Whilst Care Group time involves certain daily routines and administration,  for example, roll marking, uniform and diary checks, reinforcement of school rules and policies, it is also the platform for our pastoral care program.  The scope and sequence of this program is varied depending on the age and development of the group.  Topics include Cyberbullying, Resilience, Study Skills, Body Image, Safe Partying, Work/Life Balance and stress management.

Scope and Sequence of the Pastoral Care Program in Senior School

  • Communicate and follow up

Communication is a vital part of the Care Leader’s role. It is important for the leader to relate well with the students in their Care Group and to respond promptly to messages and inquiries from parents.  They are the person to contact in the case of extended absence and to arrange for work if appropriate.

Listed below are the House Patrons, Year Coordinators and Homeroom Teachers for 2016

House Patrons
Year Patrons
John Day
Denis Smith
David Nicholls
Jessica Groves
Deidre Moxon
John Day Meghan Long Richard Rebel Jennifer Jack
Colin Mitchell
John McLellan Kristen McLennan/
Iris MacKenzie
Shannon Marecic Matthew Panopoulos
Denis Smith
Rachel Tagg Mawgan Davis Carolyn Brown Jim Downes/
Shannon Karger
Daniel Toole
Graeme Ewing Susan Turner Daniel Jones David Ball
Felicity Reynolds
Shelley Middleton Mich Jones Robyn Iredale/
Joanne Barnes
Sabina Hamaty/
Stephanie Bannenberg
Laura Turner
Greg Baker Jim Dayhew David Nicholls Tania Markham/
Mary Owen


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