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Trades Skills Centre

South Coast Trade Skills Centre offers an alternative model to traditional schools. Year 11 and Year 12 students can focus on a vocational education pathway in a senior school environment. Students
will complete the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and can also complete the first year of at least one apprenticeship/traineeship.

The NSW Board of Studies has appVET-Infographic.A4-and-Bannerroved a group of subjects that meets their requirements for the award of a HSC. These subjects are highly practical and do not have a compulsory external exam. The NSW Board of Studies has confirmed that the program at SCTSC is appropriate for the award of the HSC.

All students will do a common HSC program of study that is designed to enrich their understanding and skills in literacy, numeracy, work readiness and computer based technology.

This program will include English Studies, General Mathematics 1, Computer Applications, two VET / trade courses and an elective subject. Year 12 students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Industry Based Learning course. None of these subjects require students to sit for an external HSC exam.
Students will only complete internal assessments in order to meet their course requirement.

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