NAC Community

NAC Community

At Nowra Anglican College we find that our Community provide one of the best and most reliable methods of maintaining communication with our families. It is another way of reporting what is happening at the College and of listening to the views of our families.

Our volunteers help by:

  • Involvement in the Parents and Friends’ Association including the:
    • School Canteen
    • Clothing Sale
    • Helping in the Classroom
    • Volunteering when help is needed

We provide opportunities for Community Groups to meet by having:

  • Regular meetings e.g. Parents and Friends’ Association
  • Voluntary work e.g. canteen,
  • Informal and formal social events e.g. welcome barbecues, Morning teas, P&F Dinners, trivia nights
  • Information sessions and forums e.g. parent forums and discussion evenings.

Community Groups at Nowra Anglican College help us to build a strong community and provide another way for families to feel they belong. Many families are looking for a community that will provide a way of meeting other families. They are keen to know their child’s friends and connections. Parents tell us it is a great informal way for their child to build friendships and for parents to hear more about others’ views on parenting.

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