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A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Daniel Toole teaches Mathematics at Nowra Anglican College

I love the diversity of our student body here at NAC. An average day in my job begins with me arriving just before 8am.

As I walk down towards my office I will stop and chat with a certain group about sport. “How are your clubs going? Playing any big games this weekend?” I’ll ask. Inevitably I will hear about basketball matches, rugby games, southern soccer and more obscure sports like windsurfing and judo.

Wandering down, I will run into students hurrying along to junior orchestra with their clarinets, cellos, flutes and trombones. I have an office just above their practice area, and the sounds they create are invigorating.

After devotions I will meander in to my bright-eyed and enthusiastic year 7 class where we study improper fractions and adding decimals. Some students flourish in the exploration of the great subject while others slowly grapple with the concepts of Mathematics and I smile while both groups continue their educational experience.

I have to change gears when I enter the world of Extension 2 Maths to teach three boys whose IQs dwarf my own. They fire questions at me about some of the most complicated ideas any Mathematics syllabus has available to it.

After that I will head back to the playground and run into a bunch of students from our upcoming musical Beauty and the Beast. “How are rehearsals going?” I’ll ask, and they launch into a heavily detailed saga about how much fun the musical is and how I should have got the role of Gaston – “It would have been hilarious.”

After more detailed classes I am inevitably up on the canteen area discussing the merits of politics with our very knowledgeable year 9 boys and girls before a kindergarten class barrels through me on their way to play silent ball in the gym or out on the basketball courts.

On the way out of school at the end of the day, a little six-year-old will enthusiastically farewell me while waving around some lovely artwork and talking non-stop about the great day that they have just had. I compliment the artwork and go home and take care of my own family before doing it all again the next day.