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Precious Moments

Kirrily Small is a new teacher at NAC.

As a new teacher to NAC, I have been blessed to have the most compassionate class I have ever taught. The empathy and care they demonstrate towards their peers, teachers and families is truly remarkable. They love being given the opportunity to show kindness and gratitude towards others, including writing to the people who helped keep them safe when the bush fires in the area. They wrote letters to nurses, fire fighters, police officers, administration staff at the school, the College Principal, teachers and bus drivers.

Only last week they embraced the opportunity to write letters to each other in an attempt to ‘fill each other’s buckets’ and make one another feel good. Did I mention these students are only five and six years old?

Perhaps my favourite moment of the year was one day when I had asked everyone to sit down outside. One little girl was still running around. When I asked what she was doing she explained she was trying to catch a butterfly to give to a student who had fallen over to make them feel better!