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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Nowra Anglican College is based on the principles of justice, mercy, repentance and reconciliation with God and other people. It is seen as integral to Anglican education. One of the main reasons why people seek to enrol their children at Nowra Anglican College is because we offer genuine and effective Pastoral Care for our students and their families. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes and enhances learning. Moreover, we teach students life skills that are grounded in Christian values that will empower them to live healthy, positive and purposeful lives.

Care Leaders play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of our Pastoral Care, which contributes towards making the school a safer, happier and more caring place.

What is Pastoral Care?

It is our belief that Pastoral Care is a shared responsibility involving each member of the school community in caring and in being cared for. It is based upon the belief that all people are created by God in His image and are worthy of respect and dignity. The way we teach and interact with our students should promote justice, truth, mercy and love. Students from diverse abilities and cultures are welcomed and integrated into the life of the school. Students are also given opportunities to serve others.

We believe that a sound pastoral program should provide, either by direct intervention, or through a clearly defined referral process, for:

  • The physical, emotional, social, spiritual, moral and academic well being of students.
  • The care and guidance in regard to personal development matters in a safe, supportive work environment.
  • Care and support for families, especially in the parenting role, based on a Christian understanding of the family.

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House System

_MG_7393The House system provides opportunities for leadership, competition and team spirit. In the Senior School, Care Groups are organized by year into House groups where students learn to support and encourage one another. Junior School students are also allocated to a House. Sporting carnivals, fundraising and Foundation Day are full school events and contribute to a sense of House pride and a culture of friendly rivalry.

Listed below are the College’s four Houses :

Name Colour
Best Blue
Hargrave Red
Proctor Yellow
Trickett Green



IMG_0854The Nowra Anglican College Counsellor, Mrs Jodie Robinson is a registered psychologist who works with students, staff and parents on many areas which impact on student welfare.

Any issue that might impact on a student’s learning such as:

  • learning difficulties
  • family problems
  • grief
  • loss
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • self esteem
  • concerns about eating or body image and
  • friendship difficulties

could be helped by talking with a counsellor.

While sometimes you may want to call the Counsellor directly, your first area of contact, for most concerns, would be your child’s Pastoral Care Leader or Class Teacher.

Contacting the Counsellor

Parents are welcome to ring and talk about their concerns or to make an appointment to come in and chat. To contact Jodie please call the school, ask to be put through to the counsellor and leave a message. Jodie will return your call as soon as she is able or alternatively, you can email her. Students are able to come and make appointments themselves via Student Services, leaving a note under her door or email.


The School Counsellor offers a confidential service where the individual’s privacy is respected. Where a student is at risk of harm however parents and appropriate staff will be contacted. Where helpful we can assist by sharing relevant information with appropriate staff to enable necessary support.

Outside Referral

For some issues of concern it may be more appropriate to refer students and their families to different agencies outside the school that are able to offer specialist assistance for example speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, paediatricians and the like. We are able to assist you with these referrals.


Apart from individual counselling sessions we are able to assist with assessments for learning difficulties, contacting and liasing with outside agencies and talking with school staff to support a student within the school setting and providing information to staff and parents on topics of interest.

If you are seeking to make an appointment for counselling or simply to gather some information, ideas or contacts for outside agencies please feel free to give us a call through the School Reception.


Aboriginal Education Mentor

Group Photo 21.11.13Increasing educational outcomes for every students is a core measure of our school.  It is a responsibility we take very seriously.  For some students, the ability to complete schooling can incur some obstacles.  For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students (ATSI), the role of our Aboriginal Education Mentor (AEM) is to facilitate their school journey through a supportive and collaborative process.

Our AEM will work with students, parent/carers and teachers.  They will:

  • encourage attendance, retention and participation in school based activities
  • assist with improved literacy and numeracy outcomes and develop individual learning plans
  • provide academic and vocational advice
  • liaise and advocate for students and their families
  • encourage parents/carers to be involved with their children’s school and schooling
  • organise indigenous student activities
  • raise awareness of the Aboriginal culture and local community
  • support the transition from school to higher education/work.


IMG_4061Nowra Anglican College is located in an area that is home to several Defence Force establishments, bringing with them Defence personnel and their families and a unique set of needs.  The College has in place a Defence Transition Team to help with Australian Defence Force (ADF) students and their families.  In addition to providing guidance during transitions, the Defence Transition Team provides support for children of ADF members and their families during parental absences due to deployment, exercises or courses. Our Defence Transition Team provides:

  • Help for parents and students to become familiar with their new school
  • Co-ordination of welcome and farewell activities within the school community
  • Support for students at school during times of parental absence due to service obligations
  • Monitoring and guidance for personal issues such as friendship and peer group challenges and classroom difficulties
  • Opportunities for Defence families to meet each other, including morning teas and the College’s annual Defence Day
  • A point of contact for Defence families who are enrolled at the College

These outline just a few of the strategies used to assist students and families to integrate into the Collegecommunity. Along with individual assessment, ongoing monitoring and group activities our Defence Transition Team provide mentoring, advocacy and care for the children of our Defence Force families.

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