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Whole School Learning

Our whole-of-school education is unique to The Shoalhaven offering students seamless transitions at each stage of learning.

Early Learning image

Early Learning

Your child’s learning journey begins in preschool. At Nowra Anglican College, we see young children as capable humans, able to exp..

Junior School image

Junior School

When you walk around our Junior School, you’ll enjoy the happy, quiet buzz of students working together, the peaceful, custom-land..

Senior School image

Senior School

Students in Years 7-10 are encouraged to develop their skills through inquiry and are taught the study and research skills that are nece..

Collegians image


As students begin to set their future directions in life, they necessarily need to have a greater input into their choices at school. On..

Learning Focus Areas

Library image


The library is an exciting learning space which continues to develop new ways of interacting with information and resources, such as vir..

EDGE Centre image

EDGE Centre

Several years ago we set up The Enrichment Differentiated Gifted Education (EDGE) Centre as a prototype for the changing learning enviro..

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BLP Program

Is learning simply sitting quietly and taking notes? Is it amassing enough information and skills to be able to pass an exam and move up..

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A number of different extracurricular activities are offered at the College. Up-to-date information about extracurricular activities are..

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Creative Arts

Nowra Anglican College has a rich history in the Creative Arts. Our students achieve outstanding results and enjoy creating meaning in t..

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Performing Arts

Nowra Anglican College takes great delight in its drama programs and our annual school musical that's showcased for the broader Shoalhav..

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Music is an important course of study at NAC, with a program from K-12 program including Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music offered in..

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Sport helps our students grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while they develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills. B..

School Camps image

School Camps

Camps provide great opportunities for students to learn more about themselves, to develop new skills and establish stronger relationship..