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As students begin to set their future directions in life, they necessarily need to have a greater input into their choices at school. One of the key aspects of the Collegian stage of schooling involves giving students a variety of flexible pathways.

We work with students as they decide which subjects and options will be the best fit for who they are, and what they hope to achieve. Our strategies of providing mentors for each Year 12 student, a focus on applying the “Ten Percent on Top” principle to student achievement, our focus on student well-being and maintaining high expectations are working to improve our HSC results year after year, with NAC students flourishing in their attitude, skills and performance.

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More than one path

We understand that achievement and success comes in many different forms, and every individual has potential, interests and abilities that are unique to them. NAC students who choose to follow vocational studies, are able to access an expanded choice of Vocational Education and Training subjects, many offered through online learning. Our aim is to help every student to achieve their potential, whether in academic success or on a vocational path.

the stepping stones to tomorrow

Students choose six subjects at the beginning of Year 11 and continue them through Year 12. At the end of the two years, the majority of NAC students sit the external HSC exams, which serve as a stepping stone to further study or vocational training at TAFE, College or University, so that our graduates can gain qualifications for the job or vocation they choose.

In today’s world, most workers will change their profession at least once, if not more, during their working lives. With the rapid pace of technological change and research, the subjects our Collegians study now may undergo huge changes in the future.

This flexibility in the modern work environment means that students are largely freed from the former pressure of having to choose a particular mix of subjects which would either ‘make or break’ their career path forever. Instead, we recommend that students choose subjects which will, on the basis of their own interests and abilities, maximise their opportunities in terms of entry into higher vocational education.

Planned career paths should not be ignored entirely, of course, and students are advised to consult the Careers Advisor to ensure they don’t miss out on crucial prerequisites. English remains essential, no matter what pathway a student chooses, and all Year 11 students must choose two units of an English course. Christian studies is also continued through Years 11 and 12, in keeping with the College’s focus on a Christian education.

It’s more than just study. Teachers and educators continually remind both collegians and their parents that in Years 11 and 12 there is more to life than just the HSC or final exams. As students make plans for the academic aspect of their lives, they must also take into account the social, spiritual and emotional aspects. By choosing a holistic program of study, students ensure that their final two years of schooling at Nowra Anglican College remain with them as memories for a lifetime.


  • Ancient History – 2 Unit
  • Biology – 2 Unit
  • Business Studies – 2 Unit
  • Chemistry – 2 Unit
  • Computing Applications – 2 Unit
  • Construction Pathways (Certificate II) – 2 Unit
    (Category B)
  • Design and Technology – 2 Unit
  • Drama – 2 Unit
  • Early Childhood Education and Care – 2 Unit
    Board Endorsed (Category B)
  • Earth and Environmental Science – 2 Unit
  • Economics – 2 Unit
  • Electrotechnology (Certificate II) – 2 Unit
    (Category B)
  • Engineering Studies – 2 Unit
  • English Standard – 2 Unit
  • English Advanced – 2 Unit
  • English Extension – 1 Unit
  • English Extension 2 – 1 Unit
  • English Studies – 2 Unit
  • Entertainment Industry (Certificate III) – 2 Unit
    (Category B)
  • Food Technology – 2 Unit
  • French – 2 Unit
  • Senior Geography – 2 Unit
  • History Extension – 1 Unit
  • Information Digital Media and Technology – 2 Unit
    - Industry Curriculum Framework (Category B)
  • Investigating Science – 2 Unit
  • Japanese Beginners – 2 Unit
  • Legal Studies – 2 Unit
  • Mathematics Standard – 2 Unit
  • Mathematics Advanced – 2 Unit
  • Mathematics Extension 1 – 1 Unit
  • Mathematics Extension 2 – 1 Unit
  • Modern History – 2 Unit
  • Music 1 – 2 Unit
  • Music 2 – 2 Unit
  • Music Extension – 1 Unit
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education – 2 Unit
  • Physics – 2 Unit
  • Science Extension – 1 Unit
  • Society and Culture – 2 Unit
  • Software Design and Development – 2 Unit
  • Studies of Religion – 2 Unit
  • Studies of Religion I – 1 Unit
  • Visual Arts – 2 Unit

* Please note, subjects available for varying cohorts will be dependent on selections made by the students, however, NAC offers support for students studying by distance or other methods.