Early Learning

Early Learning

Your child’s learning journey begins in preschool. At Nowra Anglican College, we see young children as capable humans, able to explore and investigate the world around them, collaborate with others and express themselves.

Shoalhaven Schools
Families drive from all over the Shoalhaven so that their children can attend our one-of-a-kind preschool.

Things we love to do every day:

  • creating art and investigating the world - in a multitude of different ways;
  • taking calculated risks,
  • fixing bikes and equipment with real tools,
  • building things,
  • making cubby houses,
  • reading in a story circle,
  • discussing problems, solutions, feelings and reactions.

Technology comes into play where it contributes to learning, and children are self-directed with guidance from teachers.

A One-of-a-kind Preschool

From the moment you step inside our gorgeous, nature-inspired spaces with child-size art studios then walk through carefully-planned forest-styled playground you'll understand the value we place on this first stage of learning.

Our young learners live and learn with nature, with sustainable practices embedded into the program. We have chooks, worm farms and compost stations, we upcycle and recycle materials and we frequently create and explore with natural materials. In fact we see the environment as the ‘third teacher’, alongside our highly trained, experienced early education professionals, who genuinely love both their jobs, and the children they work alongside every day. Working closely with families, they take every opportunity to get to know each child as a unique individual.

With the opening of the new Banksia Room, next door to the main school, our preschool now operates on two campuses, each with its own particular aesthetic and strengths. An Early Learning STEM Pilot Centre, the Banksia Room is using a play-based program to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics practices.

Preschool Applications

Places are always at a premium. To help make the transition from preschool to ‘big school’ as seamless as possible, our kindergarten classes and educational style are very similar to what the children have been used to at preschool.

Application Form and Documents