School Camps

School Camps

Camps provide great opportunities for students to learn more about themselves, to develop new skills and establish stronger relationships with each other and with teachers.

School camps are available to students at Nowra Anglican College starting from Year 3.

Camping Benefits

Camp activities give students an opportunity to see the benefit of challenges, the rewards of teamwork, and the satisfaction of personal growth. Our camps are carefully planned to give students a wide variety of experiences and benefits. As an essential part of the overall learning experience, all camp costs are included in your child’s school fees.

Junior School Camps

Year 3–4 Camp at Waterslea, Tapitallee. Year 3 attend as day visitors for their first ‘camp’ experience while Year 4 spend 2 nights and 3 days experiencing a smorgasbord of outdoor activities.

Year 5 Camp at Port Hacking, Sydney. Year 5 spend 2 days and 3 nights exploring the beautiful Royal National Park, building relationships and being challenged as individuals and as a team.

Year 6 Camp at Canberra. Year 6 spend time exploring Australia’s capital. They will combine some fun outdoors with visits to Parliament House and other iconic Canberra destinations.

Senior School Camps

Year 7 Camp at Waterslea, Tapitallee. A ‘getting to know you’ camp where students stay in warm cabins and undertake outdoor experiences such as canoeing, rafting, archery, abseiling, team building games and games in the evening.

Year 8 Camp at Cockatoo Island, Sydney. Students catch a ferry to the Island and camp in tents, learning about the natural beauty, history and culture of Sydney with a swim at the Homebush Aquatic Centre on the way home.

Year 9 Camp at Coolendel, Yalwal. An outdoor camp allowing students to enjoy swimming, canoeing, mountain biking, abseiling, rock climbing, high ropes and team building games.

Year 10 Camp at Port Hacking, Sydney. A residential outdoor education camp where students celebrate the completion of Year 10 and strenghten their collaboration and relationships as they look to the Collegian Years.

Collegian School Camps

Year 11 Camp at Fitzroy Falls. The focus is on interactive leadership, team building, experiential activities and motivation. Through a range of exhilarating activities, including a giant swing and high wire course, students learn how to unlock their potential during their final years of school.

Year 12 Orientation Day at Waterslea, Tapitallee. A Year 12 ‘Bootcamp’ with guest speakers covering a range of subjects including organisation, study skills, relaxation, and healthy living, ending with a special dinner with parents.

Year 12 Retreat at Waterslea, Tapitallee. This is an opportunity to reflect as a group on their school journey together, to recognise and appreciate each other, and to begin the rite of passage of ending their school life.