The College has partnered with JobJump for Career and Study advice.

JobJump has been designed to help students get where they want to go!

Navigate University Admissions

JobJump gives students ATAR and subject prerequisites all on one screen. Students can save their preferences, helping them later when applying and allowing their Careers Adviser to guide them accordingly. Included as well is a comprehensive University directory, so students can quickly find:

  • Scholarships
  • Open Days
  • Adjustment Factors
  • Early Entry Programs
  • Alternative Entry Pathways
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Career Planning Help

JobJump provides comprehensive Career Exploration, Career Plans and eWork Experience Projects. It can help students figure out what they want to do and help them get there.

JobJump provides 100+ career plans, covering:

  • Careers Videos to see what the career is like
  • Personal qualities of individuals in that career
  • Tailored senior subject recommendations
  • Suggested tertiary options
  • Up to the minute job listings

And, included with JobJump is a Careers Quiz.
A Gen-Z focused quiz that quickly and accurately suggests careers from a pool of over 1,200.

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