Sport helps students grow, learn and enjoy themselves through their school years. It is an expectation that each student is involved in at least one sport each year.

Sporting Benefits

Sport instils habits which lead to better and healthier lives. While we like to win (of course), coming first is not an end in itself; instead, we believe that students’ efforts will help them to be their best and lead them to succeed throughout their lives.

  • Develops personal responsibility, resilience and self-esteem
  • Fosters skills development and personal excellence
  • Promotes fair play, teamwork and leadership
  • Strengthens school spirit and community
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle and developing the whole person

House Sports

Our major Senior school carnivals, Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country, focus on competition between our four school ‘Houses’. House sport also includes various sporting competitions which run throughout the year during lunchtimes. Our male and female House Captains and staff promote House spirit and encourage students to participate and have fun. Our House groups are named after Anglican ministers who served in the parish of Nowra since its inception in 1833. They were Rev Joseph Best, Rev Joshua Hargrave, Rev Edmund Procter, and Rev Herbert Trickett.

House Colours: Best Trickett Hargrave Procter

Representative Sport

Students may participate in a range of individual and team sports. Representative selection for many sports is through the NSW Combined Independent Schools pathway.

  • NAC: Students are selected to represent the College in a wide variety of sports.
  • SASSA: The Southern Anglican Sports Association is the next level of competition.
  • AICES: Successful Senior School students may go on to participate in the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools sporting competitions. Not available for Junior School students.
  • NSW CIS: Students in both Junior and Senior Schools may be selected to participate in the NSW Combined Independent Schools competitions.
  • NSW ALL SCHOOLS: This level of competition includes students from the Independent, Public and Catholic schooling systems.
  • NATIONAL ALL SCHOOLS: Students are selected to represent NSW and compete against other Australian States.

Sports which follow this pathway include (but are not limited to) Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, AFL, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Softball, Tennis and Touch Football.

Some sports will bypass the SASSA and AICES levels and go straight to CIS or All Schools competitions. These include selections for sports such as AFL, Gymnastics, Cricket and Triathlon.

Other Competitions

Students are invited to represent the College in local and knockout competitions, including local Shoalhaven and Illawarra competitions and various State-wide competitions such as the Bill Turner Cup in Football, the Wiburd Shield in Cricket, Illawarra Rugby carnivals, the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation Netball Cup, Shoalhaven Basketball Gala Days and local friendly games against Shellharbour Anglican College.

Students may also participate in competitions organised by local Equestrian, Mountain Biking and Snow Sports associations. International sporting tours have seen NAC teams compete in Rugby Union and Netball competitions in both Singapore and New Zealand.

Annual Sports Assembly

The annual Sports Assembly presents students with a range of awards for their different sporting achievements, including Age Champion Medallions and Best and Fairest awards.

Students achieving at higher levels will also be presented with AICES and NSW CIS Blues and Honours awards.