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Why did we go so well in the HSC in 2022?

Whilst the HSC league tables have many downfalls and I don’t rely on them to work out if you have had a successful year, they do provide one measure of valuable information. They have caused me to ask why did we move up the table to be just outside the top 150 list in 2022?

When I first came to NAC ten years ago our HSC results were inconsistent. Some students were achieving highly and our school gained good results. However, not all students were achieving as highly as they should have, even though our students were incredibly capable. My goal was to achieve consistently in the top 200 schools, not for the school’s sake but so that every student would achieve their best. 

Now you will always hear me say that school is more than a mark at the end. Learning takes many different forms and each student needs to grow and develop physically, spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally AND I still want our students to achieve highly in their HSC. It is possible! At NAC, we believe every child is capable of learning and it is part of our mission that every child achieves their best in whatever field they wish to enter. 

Four years ago, we introduced a whole school teaching and learning framework which we call Building Learning Power. The framework is designed to help each student understand what creates powerful learners. We teach our students to think critically and creatively, work collaboratively with their peers, revise effectively and help them become more resilient and resourceful. We teach our students about their role in the learning process. Teachers focus on improving students’ abilities in their classes. 

So, what did I see in 2022 in our HSC results? I saw students moving up into the next bands, I saw students who were at risk of dropping out of school, achieving Band 4 results in their HSC. I saw students achieving in the top bands in all subjects including VET, Creative and Performing Arts, the Sciences, Mathematics and English. I saw more students achieving higher ATARS and more ATARS in the 90’s. This provides our students with so many more opportunities and choices in their tertiary studies. 

Why did we go so well in the HSC this year? It is not just a “this year” result. I have seen improvements each year since introducing our BLP framework. It is a credit to our school community, our students, staff and families. Below is a breakdown of our highest achievements. Well done Class of 2022. I am incredibly proud of you all. I can’t wait to see what you will do next. 

Mrs Lorrae Sampson

2022 Achievements

Phoebe Williams has achieved the highest ATAR in the school with 98.85 and was named on the All-rounder achievement roll. Students are placed on this list if they have achieved a result in the highest band in ten or more of their units. Phoebe achieved Band 6/E4 results in Biology, English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 and French Continuers. 

Ria Johnson has also excelled achieving an ATAR of 97.3 with Band 6/E4 results in Biology, English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced and Physics.

There are many students who have achieved ATARS over 90. Of particular note are the following:

  • Scarlett Wakelin – 94.00
  • Charlotte Last – 91.00
  • Maxwell Legzdin – 94.3
  • Archie Collison – 92.3
  • Madeleine Edwards – 93.40
  • Imogen Brown – 93.65
  • Matthew Hyam – 90.80
Distinguished Achievers

Students have been placed on the Distinguished Achiever Honour Roll in almost every subject offered:

  • English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2
  • Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2
  • Biology
  • Construction
  • Dance
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama
  • Entertainment Industry
  • French Continuers
  • Geography
  • History Extension
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Music 1
  • Music Extension 1
  • Physics
  • Studies of Religion 2U


Of particular note is the achievement of many students in the English Courses in 2022.

English Advanced Band 6

  • Madeleine Edwards
  • Ria Johnson
  • Nell Trotter
  • Scarlett Wakelin
  • Phoebe Williams

English Extension 1 E4

  • Madeleine Edwards
  • Scarlett Wakelin
  • Layla Wang

English Extension 2 E4

  • Scarlett Wakelin
  • Layla Wang


Achievement in Mathematics continues to be high in the College. Congratulations to the following students for achieving Band 6/E4 results.

Mathematics Advanced

  • Ria Johnson
  • Sheldon Liang

Mathematics Ext 1

  • Alexander Fletcher (accelerated student)
  • Maxwell Legzdin
  • Phoebe Williams

Mathematics Ext 2

  • Imogen Brown
  • Alexander Fletcher (accelerated student)
  • Maxwell Legzdin
  • Phoebe Williams

Creative and Performing Arts

This year, our Creative and Performing Arts have come to the fore. We are particularly proud of our first ever Dance 2 Unit course results. Two students received nominations for Callback, the concert for exemplary practical dance performances.

Dance 2 unit

  • Tara Gilmour – Callback nomination, Band 6
  • Sophie Fletcher - Callback nomination


  • Matthew Hyam – Encore nomination, 49/50 for Music Extension, Music 1
  • Rachel Parnell, Band 6
  • Matisse Pearce, Band 6


  • Layla Wang, Band 6

Humanities and Social Sciences

In Humanities and the Social Sciences the results were also outstanding with the following students achieving Band 6/E4 results.

Modern History

  • Archie Collison
  • Charlotte Last
  • Emily Stein

History Extension

  • Emily Stein
  • Scarlett Wakelin


  • Nell Trotter

Legal Studies

  • Charlotte Last

French Continuers

  • Madeleine Girling (accelerated student)

Studies of Religion 2U

  • Madeleine Edwards


Our students who study Science have also achieved highly with the following Band 6 results.


  • Imogen Brown
  • Ria Johnson


  • Ria Johnson
  • Phoebe Williams

Design and Technology

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved Band 6 results.

  • Nina Heidke
  • Archie Collison

VET Subjects

Nowra Anglican College has a good array of VET subjects and our students have excelled in Construction, Electrotechnology and Entertainment Industry. The following students who have achieved Band 6 results.


  • Tara Gilmour
  • Abby Bice


  • Brent Nowland

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