The Department of Education have released new guidelines for school operations under COVID-19. Many of our current practices remain unchanged. However, we do want to stress the importance of School Attendance and you download the latest update.


  • School Attendance
  • Good Hygiene Practices
  • Additional Safety Measures
  • Activities and Events affected
  • Senior School Sport
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IMPORTANT: Students should be at school unless they have a medical certificate or they are currently unwell. NSW Health have advised that parents are NOT to send children to school if they are unwell, even if they have the mildest flu-like symptoms. Parents will be called to come and collect students if any of these symptoms present throughout the school day.

Students and staff with flu-like symptoms will need to provide a copy of a negative COVID-19 test result before being permitted to return to school.

See A guide to NSW school students for Term 3

Kind Regards

Mrs Lorrae Sampson
Mrs Lorrae Sampson

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