Introducing 'Flossy'

Flossy is an experienced school wellbeing dog and following consideration by the executive, we are pleased to be commencing a trial of having Flossy visit on site. 

The research around the benefits of a school dog are extensive. From a wellbeing and learning perspective, dogs have assisted students dealing with trauma, have helped with reading and other learning interventions, have assisted with social connections and generally putting a smile on peoples faces.

A rigorous risk assessment has been considered and approved by the executive. Flossy is an Australian Cobberdog - a breed that is low allergenic and bred for empathy. She is incredibly gentle and of course will always be on a lead and under the supervision of an appropriate staff member.

As she has been introduced to the college community, the smiles have been infectious. From our youngest students to our collegians, parents and staff, we are confident of the benefit Flossy will bring to our learning community.

Of course, we’d value any feedback on this trial and you are welcome to contact the office.

One of the most important things to note is that we cannot have other dogs on site, so we ask that families continue to leave their own dogs at home as we can’t be sure how different dogs will react to one another.

Please say hello to Flossy when you see her and we look forward to the outcome of this trail and the many benefits it will bring to the NAC community.

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