30 JUL

Introducing NAC CATs

The 2020 Junior School Leadership Team is very happy to introduce an exciting new program called NAC CATs. NAC CATs aims to limit the amount of rubbish around the school.

The program launched on Wednesday of Week two, Term 3, and was an instant success! Most of the Junior School pitched in to help make our College clean and tidy.

The NAC CATs program encourages students to pick up twenty pieces of rubbish which earns them a NAC CAT token, worth 50c at the canteen. The tokens are wooden and laser cut with the NAC CAT symbol and the school values. Each token that is cashed in at the canteen is thoroughly cleaned before being put back into the system. Every Wednesday is official NAC CAT day. The House, Vice, and School Captains wear fluoro vests with the NAC CAT logo on them and monitor rubbish collection and hand out tokens. On other days of the week, if the teachers see a student putting their rubbish in the correct bin (return and earn bin, food scraps bin, recyclables bin, etc) they can hand out a token, despite it not being NAC CAT day.

Each student doing NAC CATs is equipped with a biodegradable glove to keep up hygiene standards. These can go into the green bin when they are done. Even so, everyone is encouraged to wash their hands after participating.

To launch the program, Nowra Anglican College was very lucky to be visited by a new rubbish truck. Students were able to line up and have a look at the interior of the truck. Shoalhaven City Council staff came in and looked at the part Nowra Anglican College is playing in keeping our beautiful Shoalhaven clean.

Every OAK milk and juice bottle sold from the canteen is worth 10c through the Return and Earn scheme. If students bring in juice poppers from home they also are worth 10c. If you are unsure whether your bottle or carton is worth 10c it will have a label on the back to tell you. If the College has a substantial amount of return and earn bottles the NAC CAT token value can increase.

If students no longer drop rubbish or the playground is clean, the amount of papers needed for a token can decrease. We hope that doing the right thing with rubbish becomes a part of life with Nowra Anglican College students and that if they see rubbish they pick it up.

We hope that the school continues to join us for NAC CAT day and that the program remains a success, helping to keep our environment a cleaner and better place for everyone.

By Henry Hopperton and Stella Cournane (Junior School Captains)

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