16 NOV

Mr Mitchell presented this insightful poem at our Year 12 Valedictory Assembly. Congratulations to the Class of 2020 who have overcome some trials and shown amazing resilience.

My mind is clear, my eyes are bright,
I see the dawn after the night
And with my 20:20 vision,
I can say with some conviction – 2020 was a hack,
and now I want my money back.

T’was meant to be a normal year,
with challenges, YES, but not the fear.
We stood aghast, and wondered why,
when ash and cinders filled the sky
When Nowra burned, we felt a shiver,
As roaring flames then jumped the river
And sped away past Cambewarra,
and soon the Valley knew the horror
Draining dams, where once they’d swum,
Yes, 2020 had begun.

Some saved their homes, but many failed,
And those who suffered wept and wailed.
As wildlife, stock, possessions lost,
And who could count the mental cost?

Emergency Services - heroes all,
And many now sit in this hall
But soon the tourists all departed,
And with a sigh, the NAC year started.

Within three weeks, the storm clouds gathered,
With lashing rain we soon were lathered,
The blackened fields were turned to mud
As firestorm transformed to flood.

Then 2 weeks later sun was out,
And Sporting Houses gave a shout,
The Carnival - at swimming pool,
When upstart McKay did vanquish Toole.

It all looked sweet, as March arrived,
But then all hopes of normal dived,
A global virus, never seen
Had come to shore as Covid-19.

We washed our hands and sanitised,
Contingency plans were exercised,
Tables spread four metres square
A tiny sneeze would bring a scare.

And if the virus in you grew(ed),
And you no longer could taste your food
They put a probe right up your nose,
And shoved it back right to your toes!

The times grew tough, we saw our doom,
The threat of closures now did loom,
But with a flash, and Whammo! Boom!
Now everyone is using Zoom!

But remote learning wasn’t all that easy, was it?

“Now Riley’s laptop has rebooted,
Hannah has her audio muted,
Her camera’s gone from bad to worse,
And Levi’s missing on his horse
Buckham’s background keeps revealing 
That Maxie-boy is probably sleeping

Teachers beg for interaction,
“At least give me the satisfaction
Of knowing you are really there,
Before I pull out all my hair”

Canvas courses were created,
Tech savvy teachers - congratulated,
Tik Tok antics - celebrated,
Geo Field Trips - annihilated.

Year 12 managed, through it all,
Thought most were pushed right to the wall,
Learning’s tough in isolation,
But I admit, some consolation 
And while this seems a little mean,
(at least your common room stayed clean)

You all came back by middle May,
the pressure increased right-away
And so, to keep you feeling loved,
We threw a Barbie (fully gloved),
With packages of care and courage,
(though most of you for food did rummage)
And Tim Tam study packs you found,
The empty wrappers on the ground
And as you left, you were all smiles,
Till August saw the start of Trials

There’s nothing like a Trial Exam,
To bring you earthbound with a slam
And many a student often cried, “ my hand is busted, Sir, I tried
To write eight pages, but I don’t have the power,
So instead, I’ve drawn this pretty flower! (Do you like it?)

Then came the reckoning, mid September
Time to study like a Hamster.
Scurry, scurry back and forth,
Complete the content, end the course
Nerves get soothed by mentor chats,
(Your teachers do wear many hats!)
Funny final lessons filmed,
Then funny final lessons re-filmed...or re-re-filmed!

We shall remember from henceforth
Thursday September 24th
When after Covid, Floods and Fire,
And HSC seemed on a wire
The whole school formed a Conga-line,
To cheer and shout you, one last time

It really was a brilliant day,
To send you on your merry way,
With just a few short tests to go,
(An awesome chance to grow a Mo!)

But now you’re done, congratulations
No more test administration!
It’s OVER now, and you’re the winner,
(except of course for tonight’s dinner)

So... on behalf of NAC - and all its creatures,
Especially your Homeroom teachers
And those staff, who lovingly,
Prepared you for the HSC…

Know that you are loved by God,
You can know him, through his Word.
Remember what we taught you here,
Remember that your lives are dear.

Our Valedictorians, farewell!
And if in future, you should tell
Of what transpired in 2020,
Keep it short: and just say “PLENTY”

The End.

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